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Heyy :) this blog is pretty much about everything , If you're suffering from depression , eating disorders , self harm or anything I'm always here if you feel like you need to talk to someone . It will get better it just takes time . Stay Strong beautiful's <3


Its obvious I wasn’t.

So yeah (image credit to “Supernaturalfans” page on facebook) Dean and Cas (of course), Kirk and Spock, and I think Sherlock and John are on there to somewhere (or was that a different list of Sheldon’s?).
Can we talk about another of Sheldon’s faveourite couples, The Doctor and A Dalek? Like seriously Sheldon…?

Funny as fuck

Still an accident. 



What if we all looked the way we wanted? Our ideal weight became reality, our worries about money washed away. Your love life is exactly the way you pictured it. Do you think we’d all be happier? Or would we just find new things to hate?

this post just fucked me up

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